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December 11, 2006

FREE Christmas 4x4 Collection with Orders over $50. continues

Take advantage of our current deals -
Buy that collection you’ve been wanting plus  Wingneedle Christmas at the closeout price (total over $50.)
And get the Christmas 4x4 collection FREE
 Plus Free Priority shipping (US)

2-4-6-8 Pocket Bag Booklet with  Pattern
 Only $6. while supplies last

Another gift idea

Protect your Scissors & Rotary Cutters
(and yourself in the process)

Always keep your scissors in a protective sleeve when not in use. This is especially important if you are traveling to classes. It can be a leather or plastic sheeve.

It can also be one that you’ve made such as we did with our Mucho Molas Nouveau 4x4.

These sleeves are  made of 4 lined patches stitched together to create a thick protective sleeve. These also function great as covers for hot pots ‘n pans handles and cell phones

Hang them on the front or back door

Click photo for a larger view

Check Newsletters November 20th and 27th for how to make these patches.

Once made and assembled, use a hot glue gun to attach them to a purchased wreath. Add a ribbon or other ornaments if you like and enjoy.

Hope you don’t get tired of projects from Touch of Nature. I’m not even close to getting  tired of it. I have been having alot of fun making more and more with these designs and techniques.

Albert’s Cubicle

Windows Shortcuts

I was trained in computers before the mouse had established itself as the PC navigational tool. As such, keyboard controls have always been the most comfortable way for me to navigate the computer environment. However, many people only know the mouse and find themselves in a constant hand shuffle from keyboard to mouse and back again. Through the use of the Shift, Ctrl, Alt and Windows keys, you can navigate most any Windows application without taking your hand from the keyboard. Among the keyboard shortcuts I use the most frequently and are virtually universal among Windows applications:

The Shift key: If you thought it was only to shift between lower and upper case letters, then think again. Hold down the shift key and use one of the directional keys below to highlight a file name or section of text.

Shift-Right Arrow: Press the Right Arrow key one time to highlight one character to the right of the cursor. Hold the Right Arrow key down and it continues highlighting more characters to the right, until you lift your finger off the key.

Shift-Down Arrow: Press the Down Arrow key one time to highlight the the current row of text of the the item on which the cursor is resting. Hold the Right Arrow key down and it continues highlighting more rows until you lift your finger off the key.

Of course, once I highlight a section of text or a list of files, what to do with them. One way to think of it is that once they are highlighted, I control them. Think of the Control Key (Ctrl) as the name implies, because it allows for highlighted items (text or files) be be controlled based on which key is pressed along with it. Hold down Ctrl key and try these combinations.

Ctrl-p: When I'm ready to print a document or section of text that I've highlighted.

Ctrl-x: Any text or files highlighted are copied to the computer's clipboard memory and erased from the place they had been.

Ctrl-c: Any text or files highlighted will be “copied” to the computer's clipboard memory and will stay there until you copy something else into the clipboard.

Ctrl-v: If I've copied something to the clipboard memory, then I can paste it where I want it with this command, as often as I want.

Ctrl-z: The “Do Over” combo let's me recover from what I call a Homer Simpson. Delete something by mistake or copy something to many times and Ctrl-Z gets rid of the mistake.

The Windows key is also called the Start button and is found between Ctrl and Alt

Windows-e: A favorite of mine, the little e has one very important function. It opens a window of Windows Explorer, to allow me to navigate the directory trees of my computer. Important note to remember is not to hold down the e key, or risk opening a whole lot of copies of Windows Explorer.

Windows-m: If my desktop gets to clutter, but I not ready to close any applications, this combo minimizes all the applications into the tool bar at the bottom of screen. Now I need open only the application I want to work with for the moment. or if someone walks into the room and you want to quickly close what you are working on (or playing with).

The Alt key: I mention only one function for this key. If you've recently installed Internet Explorer 7.0 or plan to do so in the near future, be aware that by default, the Menu Bar traditionally found at the top of the screen is now hidden.

Alt-v: Reveals the tool bar option in most applications, including Internet Explorer. From here, select the Tool Bars and check off Menu Bar to get it to stay visible

While this is not a complete list of commands, it does constitute my top 10 list. Try exploring a few combinations on your own. The Menu Bar will show several combinations as you browse through the drop down lists.

More 4x4 molas here
5x7 molas here and here

Our neices love molas. Guess what they’ll be getting for Christmas this year - smiles

New Projects

Using designs and techniques from our book Touch of Nature, make patches with gold and red sparkle organza and other razzle dazzle fabric for a holiday wreath of any size. They are very lightweight.

Hang these on the wall in your house

Click photos for a larger view

Add them to a purchased candle wreath for a table decoration

Click photo for a larger view

Extra Extra

We have #60 weight Mettler Cotton Thread in large spools sold at a discount. This cotton thread has a lovely sheen and doesn’t produce alot of lint in the bobbin area like other cotton threads. This is the thread you want to use for your lace.

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Thank you for your patronage and happy sewing.

Laura Waterfield

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