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October 23, 2006


Want more layout ideas for medium quilts?

The following is a few virtual layouts for you.

Click on the photos to go to the Christmas Outdoor Quilts page with even more layouts

*Although UV protected fabric protects fabric outside in the elements, it still holds up best in the shade. My front porch quilts get very little direct sun. As a result they have lasted many years (10-12 yrs).

*You’ve seen those inexpensive sets of scissors at Hancock and JoAnn?

Buy them for your husband, teenager, or kitchen. It keeps them from grabbing your good sewing scissors for opening cardboard boxes, cartons, and cutting wire. Plus they are stainless steel so they do fine in the dishwasher.

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Mehndi Body Art Machine Embroidery Designs

The Big Easy Purse Pattern

The Hex Flex Frame

Where are our trunk shows?
Oct 1-23 Somewhere Sewing, Johnson City, TN

New Projects

Christmas Outdoor Quilts

For the next few weeks I will be featuring Christmas Quilts made with our Outdoor Quilts Collection. We’ll start this week with small quilts that are 2 blocks wide. These quilts fit small hangers well, inside and outside your home. These quilts are semi-transparent so they look great inside in the windows of your home or office.

I’ve used colors Red - Green - White for my quilts but other variations that would also be nice are Cream instead of White, Burgandy instead of Red, and Other shades of Green.

Metallic fabrics and threads would also work well when used indoors. The Double Wedding Ring design would be great done in golden rings.

Visit the Outdoor Quilts Collection page for  more details and more variations.

Next week I’ll feature larger Christmas Outdoor Quilts with more layouts for you.

Featured Project

Albert’s Cubicle

Own a Dirty PC?

We've spent a lot of time talking about protecting personal computer files, because not doing so is an invitation to disaster.  Still, how do we protect that most valuable of investments, the PC, from a premature rendezvous with fate?  In recent years, the trend has been to replace PCs more often than car buffs replace their cars.  Usually, new PCs are faster, smaller, and cheaper, so it just make good sense.  Right?  Raised by children of the Great Depression, I find the trend amusing and disturbing.  The reality is that, if not for the evolution of software, computers could run for decades.  In fact, I've seen PC's running business applications, 15 and 20 year after going into service.  There are, of course, caveats to how they accomplish these feats. 

Firstly, many of these DOS-based PCs work in relative isolation, with little or no access to other computers or the Internet.  In the not too distant future, the PC  simply will not work in the absence of an Internet connection, making this a moot point.

More importantly, these “ancient” personal computers are well maintenance, free of excessive dust, heat, and humidity.  Unfortunately, their home-based cousins rarely enjoy such accommodations.  PC's run better and longer when they are clean.  Laptop owners may be surprised to learn that the hotter a laptop gets, the slower it runs.  This is part of their design.  Unfortunately, the dirtier the laptop inside, the faster it heats up and hotter it gets.  Whether a PC has a dozen fans (such as Laura's) or none as is common in newer, smaller laptops, they all collect dirt.  Vacuuming out the keyboards and fans at least as often as one vacuum the house is imperative.  Don't know where the vacuum cleaner is kept? Then let's say every few weeks. 

Keep a couple of cans of compressed air on hand.  Use it to dislodge debris the vacuum can't pick up.  Feel confident enough to do so, open the side panel to the desktop computer and blow out the dust that collects on the microprocessor fan, motherboard, and between the drive.  Don't touch anything inside and unplug it from the wall before opening it.  If the laptop has a fan, PC card slot, removable drive bay, or battery, remove the component and blow compressed air inside the openings.  Of course,  turn if off and unplug it before starting.  Don't forget the fan to the power supply.  More computers die prematurely from overheated power supplies than can be counted.  I've seen more power supplies pulled from computers weighing significantly more than when they were installed.  Power supplies are the perfect lint collectors.

The rule of thumb for cleaning a PC is “as often as it needs it.”  If the PC is in a sewing room or other area where a lot of lint and dust is created or collects, check the PC  more frequently.  No matter how frequently a room is cleaned, if the PC runs for extended periods of time it picks up whatever is in the air.

A routinely cleaned PC will not guarantee a 15 or 20 year run.  Still, a clean PC can mean the difference between buying that next computer when it's convenient or when it unexpectedly stops working.


This garden quilt is 3 blocks wide and 6 blocks long. It hangs on a medium sized wrought iron hanger.

The Rose of Sharon block done in red fabrics work well within a Christmas theme.

The Double Wedding Ring block frames the flowers with a lattice look.

This simple arrangment sews up fast and adds a pretty WELCOME  to your front door.

Follow the directions in the book that accompanies this collection for making these blocks and assembling them with the borders.

These quilts are semi-transparent so they look great inside in the windows of your home or office.

If you need fabrics and/or hangers for your quilts be sure to check the resources in the book that accompanies this collection.

Extra Extra

We recieved a new shipment of VILENE last week.  This is precut and packaged in 2 yard lengths and is 72” wide (that’s 2 yards wide). Discount priced and includes free 1st class shipping within the US.

We have #60 weight Mettler Cotton Thread in large spools sold at a discount. This cotton thread has a lovely sheen and doesn’t produce alot of lint in the bobbin area like other cotton threads. This is the thread you want to use for your lace.

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Laura Waterfield

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