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March 1, 2007

Helpful Hint

What’s New

I prefer my lace made with cotton thread. It is more like real lace and real crochet - soft & drapey.  It feels nicer next to the skin, too. If, heaven forbid, it gets stained, it can be bleached if necessary.

However, Cotton Thread is not a man made fiber. It is not as tough as Polyester embroidery thread therefore it breakes easier.

To minimize thread breakage, slow down  your embroidery machine.

Purchase Mettler Silk Finish Cotton Thread at a discount price here.

Catch my trunk show in Puyallup, WA & Texarkana, TX this month.

Spring Sale

It’s getting to be that time of year again.
So we’re having a Spring Sale on our Spring and Summer Lace Dreams’ dress patterns with lace yokes.

If you’ve been wanting to get these pattterns now is the time.

Each pattern is only $19.95 (Regularly $29.95) and includes a CD with all the lace designs needed to make the yokes. These dresses are comfortable and easy to make.

Anastasia is a loose fitting straight yoke dress that works great as a jumper.

Sophia is a slightly fitted V Yoke in which you’ll love to dress up.  For a jumper, I made mine a size larger to accommodate a knit top underneath.

There’s an alternate hem layout for Sophia with two rows of lace on the hem instead of one.

The lace designs on the CD can be used to make other things besides the yokes. See our table linens made with these designs.

If you want to use the designs in a project but need to have the scallops removed, check out the tutorial Lisa from Buzz made on how to remove them using Buzz Edit. Buzz Edit is an easy to use, affordable embroidery editing software. It is also available for a free 30 day trial.

Viking, Pfaff, and Husquvarna Dealers

It’s come to our attention that with the changes at VSM over the past year the company has gotten out of the some of its third-party notions.  While we regret this change in their business, we understand their need to do what’s in the best interest of the their company.

To order Laura’s products for your store call us directly. In the next few weeks, we will be sending promotional letters to our retailers.  Should your business like to be included, please email Albert with your company’s name, business address, & telephone number.

Albert’s Cubicle

SPAM and Email Caller-ID, Part 2
& A Note on Net Neutrality

My last article talked about how to identify IP addresses hidden in that pesky SPAM.  But the question is why would we be interested in the IP address.  After all, the average PC user isn't really interested in what's under the hood of a computer anymore than what's under the hood of a car.  We really want to turn them on and drive them; take them in for service as seldom as possible; and trade them in for next year's model.  However, PCs haven't reached the same pinnacle of consumer commodity as the automobile.  They still require the equivalent of the shade tree mechanic to keep them running reliably and efficiently.

So, we want to know about the IP addresses of SPAMMERs because?  Well, IP addresses tell us from what part of the World Wide Neighborhood they come.  Like caller ID they allow us a reality check between what an email says and what it really is. Those of you with PayPal accounts are familiar with the myriad of attempts over the years by Internet pirates to scam you into divulging your PayPal access with realistic looking pleas and warning to click on the link, sign into your account, and verify your identity.  A rash of similar emails posing as various banking institutions have been circulating in recent months.  They looked quite convincing.  If only I had enough money to spread around to all of those institutions.  A peak at the IP addresses showed that they came from a variety of sources, from around the world.

Unfortunately, I also followed one IP trail from an email scam to the banking institution it was posing as.  I know it was a scam for two reasons.  First, because the link embedded in the email ultimately sent me to India.  Second, because I have never banked there, thankfully.

Sadly, at least one banking institution appears oblivious to the issue and has recently begun an email campaign aimed at soliciting additional services from me.  Regrettably, the emails look and behave just like the pirate emails from PayPal.  The difference is that they appear to be legitimate, right down to the “click here to log into your account” and the IP addresses.  Attempts to legitimize this form of interaction lulls the uneducated Internet user into a false sense of security.  Should someone start responding to these “legitimate Internet ads,” they might slip and do the same with a pirate version.  Whose at fault?  The non-savvy PC owner/account holder or the institution that created the environment under which such activity could flourish.  I've written the institution to inquire as to who's senior moment birthed this marketing SNAFU.  Unfortunately, this particular banking institution has a history of playing fast and loose with its customers, costing me, personally, more than a little anguish.  My personal epiphany is that I need a new bank.

In my next article, I'll talk about how to put the knowledge of those IP addresses to work protecting you.  This assumes, of course, that you've taken my advice and invested in a current installation of an Internet Security application.

One last note.  I mentioned last November that Net Neutrality is in jeopardy.  I also encouraged you to write your elected representatives by February to inquire on their positions with respect to the issue of Net Neutrality.    It's not a topic that's gotten much press in recent months.  With the steady decline of grass roots reporting due to the continuous contraction of the newspaper industry, the issue may not get too many more gasp for air.  In 22 months, when the voluntary moratorium has expired, Net Neutrality will likely be dead and electronic toll booths erected, unless the United States Congress can be persuaded to legislate its permanent re-instatement.  You may not notice the change at first.  It will appear to you as if folks like us are just having a run of bad luck.  Eventually, you'll forget about us because you won't be able to find or reach us anymore.  We will have died a silent, collateral death with the demise of Net Neutrality.

Now, those folks in Washington have a lot on their plates.  They've publicly stated they want to bring our boys and girls home.  I can only hope that single proclamation is keeping each and every one of them in their congressional offices six days a week, and in church on Sundays.  However, the reality is that we as individuals may lose our last and possibly most effective forum for democratic debate long before graver issues are resolved by our elected officials.  Please write them.

"Whatever you do, you need courage. Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to the end, requires some of the same courage which a soldier needs." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

New Book

We’ve been so busy with the new book A Family Tree’ we didn’t have time to put out a newsletter for February.

Thank you for your wonderful support of the new book.

If you haven’t looked at this yet, this book is over 108 pages, includes a No Sew method, a Zigzag Sew method, and a Machine Embroidery method complete with a CD with all the embroidery designs needed to decorate your family tree.

Wide Vilene saves you money

Albert thought it would be nice if I told you why I prefer wide Vilene as opposed to precut widths. When I first discovered Vilene it was a 12” roll. I was disappointed that it created alot of waste being too wide for the 4x4 hoop and the 5x7 and 6x10 hoop when rotated. I was thrilled to find wider vilene that I could cut to size.

In the diagram below, you can see how I cut my Vilene to get the maximum usage.

For my 4x4 hoop, I cut Vilene into 8” strips. I start hooping at the end of the strip, overlapping subsequent hoopings. The sewing fields are close to each other, but not overlapped or butted up against each other. I leave about 1/2” - 1” space between the sides of the sewing fields. When I’m all done, I’ve only wasted 2 inches across the top and bottom. (a total of 4”). That’s better than 2 inches all the way around for each hoop.

To save even more Vilene, I cut the strips 13” wide hooping as before, then sewing a second row overlapping the hoops.  The sewing fields are again close together, but not overlapped or butted up against each other.  I leave about 1/2” -1” space between sewing fields. This leaves the same Vilene waste as the single row.

I hope this helps you make the most of your Vilene.

Purchase wide Vilene at a discount price here.

Extra Extra

 Mettler Cotton 60 wt silk finish thread is available in large spools sold at a discount.  This cotton thread has a lovely sheen and doesn’t produce alot of lint in the bobbin area like other cotton threads. This is the thread you want to use for your lace.

We have plenty of VILENE.  This is precut and packaged in 2 yard lengths and is 72” wide (that’s 2 yards wide). Discount price includes free 1st class shipping within the US.

Terms for Re-use and Redistribution

If you would like to share these newsletters with your friends, please be fair and send them to this website to read it.

If you are a teacher or retailer and would like to use the information contained in these newsletters in your classes please distribute the contents in its entirety giving full credit to Lauras Sewing Studio and its authors.

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If your friends want these designs, please send them to this website. .Both your integrity and patronage allow us to continue with new product development, while keeping down cost and maintaining quality support.

Thank you for your patronage and happy sewing.

Laura Waterfield

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