Fingerless Gloves

A Quick & Easy Project

Fingerless gloves are a novel concept.

I’ve found them a valuable asset in many situations.

  • You can use your touch phone, pad, etc. without need to remove regular gloves.DSCN5861HOOT400
  • They keep your hands warm in the house (even in the air conditioning) while maintaining your dexterity which is impossible when wearing regular gloves (i.e. sewing = hand quilting and embroidery and typing on the computer). DSCN5864NAVYSEW400
  • They add an extra layer of warmth to your hands when worn over regular gloves and without extra bulk in the fingers that occurs when 2 pair of gloves are worn.
  • They are warm worn alone outdoors before it gets cold i.e. fall and spring.
  • If wearing the gloves and your fingers get a little chilly, simply slide the glove down over your fingers – it’s warm inside there.DSCN5866PK400
  • If your arms get chilly in church or class, put these on and roll them up - beats carrying around a sweater (and losing one).
  • A single glove makes a nice muff. You can fit both hands and forearms in.
  • If your skin is sensitive, bruises easily, tears easily, long fingerless gloves will help protect them.
  • If you have an injury to your arm that requires bandaging, fingerless gloves will hold the bandages in place and keep them clean.
  • If you have to wear a wrist support, fingerless gloves will fit over it and make it look more palatable.


  • Full Size Patterns Included - Right and Left
  • Pattern is four (4) pages - Print, Trim, and Tape together
  • Includes directions how to trim and tape together
  • Requires stretch knits only
  • Pattern is elbow length but can be shorter when the top is turned down into a cuff
  • Pattern Fits Most Women and Men
  • Easy and Quick to Make
  • These Gloves are Reversible

Embroidery Designs

All Designs Fit 5x7 hoop

Although 4x4 designs can be used as long as sewn in the “Embroidery Area” marked on the pattern


The one color design sews with any jumps
See the pink glove below for photos of a sew out


Navy Gloves with Cream Lining

Cuff turned down



Reverse Side Navy Gloves

Flowers from floral lace yardage from Hobby Lobby

Flowers hand sewn over pearl areas on navy side



Pearls Hand Sewn Throughout Design

Pearls in flower centers and clusters of three (3) that emulate the clusters of 3 French knots within the design



Close Up of Navy Cuff with Rick Rack in Seam



Cream Glove with “Hoot”

Lining Solid Teal blue



I wasn’t expecting this when I turned the gloves inside out

Gotta love that face!




Hubby happy with his new gloves

My Pink gloves are made from a tank top I love but has 2 bleach spots on the hem.
The pink stretchy lace is from the tank top. I removed it and added it to the glove

I originally planned to make this a one color design (lavender on pink)
However, when I found this fabric for lining I decided to make it two (2) colors (pink and green)

The one color design is digitized to sew without any jumps.
The two color design, the green sews without jumps but of course the pink has a jump between each section.


Pink Gloves Embroidery Side


Top Cuff with Lace


Knuckle end with Lace


Reverse Side of Pink gloves


Reverse Side top cuff turned down


Knuckle end with Lace


$11.99 US

What’s Included

  • All of the embroidery designs shown above for the left and the right glove
  • Instructions for embroidery placement and thread changes
  • Two (2) Full Size glove patterns - left and right
  • Instructions on how to trim and tape each pattern together
  • Instructions how to make the glove

















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