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“Taking Embroidery Beyond the Hoop”

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 Adult Bib Pattern & Instructions
in the June 04 Newsletter

FREE to my Yahoo Group Members
Adult Bib Pattern in PDF format.
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Margaret Harrison writes:

I just wanted to write and thank you for the adult bib pattern. Recently it became necessary for my 92 year old aunt to move to a nursing home at least for the time being.

She has been eating really well, but always spilled some food on her new PJ's. I made her some bibs out of bright pattened fabric and she LOVES them. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

I recieved this wonderful email from Ann. I thought it may inspire you.

A friend sent me a link to your site, & I was so pleased to see the simple... very nice apron cover up pattern.

Your pattern is so easy, (& it's a practical gift for a self conscious "special-needs -teen, or pre-teen." Girls could look pretty & keep their clothes clean when dining.) Since special needs "kids" are often mainstreamed in public schools, they have the same issues of wanting to look nice, that any teen has.

For a Senior adult, an apron like this can be a good thing to don when doing crafts (at the Senior Center?), or when eating, (while sick in bed to keep from spilling drinks all over oneself,) or a dozen other things.

These aprons can help people feel less self-conscious about themselves, when they need a bit of coverage from spills. Anything that helps preserve a person's dignity, when they are dealing with "needs", whether from aging, or whether they were born with them, or whether they acquired them along the way, looking nice goes a long way toward happiness.

There are lots of pretty (relatively inexpensive) "pre-quited" materials that can be used for this kind of project.

Several years ago I made an apron similar to this (out of a material that had butterflies of all different colors, accented with gold, against a dark background.) I hand quilted it in gold thread. The girl I gave it to had cerebral palsy, & her face lit up at the pretty cover up. It was worth all the work for that one smile.

Thanks for a great pattern, just in time for early Christmas sewing...

Happy stitching,

Ann in NM

Walker Bag

See Sunny Chandonais walker bag here.
See Maeva’s Walker Bag here
See Lisa’s Walker Bag here

I received a wonderful email from Grace Federico.
I thought you would enjoy her story.

Hello, I would just like to give you a good compliment! I downloaded one of your free patterns, 2 years ago and have made about 4 dozen of the Walker bags. I have donated them to 4 different rehabs and nursing homes in my area and the bags were very well received and appreciated! I also gave them to some friends and neighbors, as I live in an elderly complex. Everyone was so thrilled with these bags and have gotten so much use out of them! I purchased more fabric, today, at Walmart, for 2 dollars a yard and I will be making more to give to an Alzheimer rehab in my town. I only buy the fabric, when I have some extra money, as like I said, I donate them. I enjoy sewing them and especially, where they are so well appreciated! I just thought you would like to hear about a good story and thanks again for the pattern!  Grace M. Federico, Winthrop, MA


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Neckline Changes

For embroidery blanks, I sometimes purchase men’s pocketless T Shirts and change the neckline to a more feminine cut.

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Fleece Blanket

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