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Molas originate in the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama, by the Kuna Indians.  Originally these primitive depictions of animals and artifacts were rendered as tattoos.  With the introduction of fine woven, colored fabrics, the Kuna people translated their art into their own, unique fabric art form.  Mola designs are made using bold primary colors.  Red, black, and orange are the dominate colors for the background, as well as, the large appliqué and reverse appliqué areas.  Other colors often used in smaller areas are lime green, medium (Christmas) green, yellow, medium blue, turquoise, and fuscia, although other colors can and are used, as well.  Traditionally, Mola designs are achieved through the application of layered fabrics and reverse appliqué.  The approach to creating a traditional Mola is not unlike the approach of the sculptor as she takes away that which is not part of her vision

Molas Nouveau is my interpretation of Mola art, tailored to the functions of the modern home embroidery machine, utilizing appliqué and thread embroidery to achieve the look created by the Kuna people.  Many have and will continue to mimic this art form.  Hopefully, Molas Nouveau re-creates the look that is known as Mola, while remaining both easy and practical for machine embroidery.  Molas Nouveau designs are stitched as two appliqué layers.  The color recommendations that follow are in keeping with what I believe are “traditional.”  Still, like the people who first embraced this fabric, you are encouraged to explore your imagination with whatever thread and fabric color combinations that inspire you.

The designs are sewn in one of two ways – the Patch and the Non-Patch methods.  Since traditional Molas are typically transferred to articles of clothing, stitching Mola Nouveau designs as patches is just a natural approach to creating them.  In keeping with this tradition, Molas Nouveau integrates some additional stitch sequences to make the creation of patches from the designs easier, therefore, making them ready to apply to your favorite garment.

Please note these are rectangular 5x7 designs and cannot be reduced to fit the 4x4 square hoop.

See projects made with these designs here.


Molas Nouveau Cat
for the 5x7 Hoop



Molas Nouveau Horse
for the 5x7 Hoop



Molas Nouveau Toucan
for the 5x7 Hoop



Molas Nouveau Butterfly
for the 5x7 Hoop



Molas Nouveau Fish
for the 5x7 Hoop


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Laura's Sewing Studio embroidery designs are for personal use. Designs and copyrighted images are intended for private, non-commercial use. Laura's Sewing Studio entitles the purchaser only to make projects for personal use. The embroidery designs are the copyrighted property of Laura M. Waterfield. No design, documentation, or associated graphic distributed as part of this collection may be shared, re-sold individually, re-packaged, or used in any commercial endeavor or instructional presentation without the written consent of Laura's Sewing Studio. Any modifications of these embroidery designs are for the personal non-commercial use of the purchaser only and may not be sold or distributed under this licensing agreement.

If your friends want these designs, please send them to this website. .Both your integrity and patronage allow us to continue with new product development, while keeping down cost and maintaining quality support.

Thank you for your patronage and happy sewing.

Laura Waterfield

Copyright Laura M. Waterfield 2002-2017

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